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Alcohol Addiction Rehab Centers plays a great role in drug addicted individuals to control or completely eliminate the strong urge or desire to drink. At our rehab center, we will provide you 24/7 support during the entire withdrawal stage and helping you or loved ones to stay moderate and sober in future. We not only limit our support in the beginning to during the treatment but all thorough out your life making it more effective method of quitting drugs.

Dealing with alcohol or drug addiction is not as simple as it looks, but due to the ibogaine treatment, it has made the procedure whole lot easier than before. It is utilized at many centers such as heroin detox centers or alcohol addiction treatment centers in elimination drugs and alcohol urge in the body. It removes 90% of drug remains from the body making your body clean and pure from the drugs. This makes your body works faster and brain works smarter than before.

Our non-12 step drug rehab center is luxurious resort with all world class amenities, which is located at the seashore making it picturesque and   exotic destination for quitting the drugs and living a cleaner life. We provide 24 hours support to drug addicted individuals, whether you are addicted to alcohol or drug, we ensure that you undergo a customized ibogaine treatment at our  non 12 step treatment centers and start living new life.

At our non-12 step drug rehab center, we offers many exclusive treatments such as detoxification, ibogaine treatment, 24/7 support, residential accommodations (five star ) and many other facilities to ensure you have a great and unforgettable moments in your life at our heroin detox centers or alcohol addiction rehab centers.

Many individuals have wasted their money and time in finding the best non 12 step treatment centers. But, they could find any one, and moreover, they even deteriorated their health at fake rehab centers, where non-professional and rookie doctors treats drug addicted individuals with completely irrelevant methods. There are 100% chances that the individual will gain fall in drug addiction. So, it is better to admit in our luxurious alcohol rehab centers to get rid of alcohol addiction.

We offer many wellness programs for multiple addictions such as heroin, alcohol, methadone, opiate, etc. The treatment will be private, customized, individualized, unique and exclusive for each and every individual so that they are treated according to their level or addiction to drugs and alcohol. Our non-12 step drug rehab center is one of it’s kind drug rehab center, which is of highest quality and standard yet affordable and effective. 


After the treatment at our center, you will be able to live sober, confident and responsible life. You will be respected in your community. You will now have family and friends. You will be handed 5 figure jobs at leading companies all around the world. You will never have triggers. You will completely new and more responsible individual.